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Tomo 22 Bilang 1 January 2000  Internet Edition

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(UP Journalism Club's statement on the current political crisis in the Philippines. )

Why is this ruler still in office? Let's make this clear.

Many great political thinkers share this one very important idea about a ruler's governance in a society. In the event that the government no longer serves the common interest of the governed, the people have the right, and even the responsibility, to rise up against the system that ceases to serve its purpose.

Having said so, one might ask, why is the President still in office?

To name all the problems scourging our country today would mean hours and even days. So here's a list of the prominent ones that have seemed to linger in most people's thoughts. First and foremost, the hostage crisis in Mindanao, which brought international embarrassment to the Philippines; Payatas tragedy; crony capitalism; the plunge of the peso's value; incessant oil price increase; commercialization of education; poverty; more poverty, etc.

Then, this fraudulent head of the state managed to muster the nerve to wrong the Filipino people in perhaps the worst way imaginable. With his now blatant and evident involvement in graft and corruption and bribery and his culpable violation of the constitution, he betrayed the public trust.

Again, the question resonates if only to give due emphasis: Why is the Philippine's "monumental" being still holding office in Malacañang?

The nation has gone through the painstaking process of the EDSA revolution. Painstaking, then, because of the numerous tortures and heartless battles that these people fought along the way. Painstaking, still, because we seem to have forgotten the essence of that struggle. Maybe we are not ready for another revolution. Hell, maybe we don't even have guts to think about undergoing another revolt.

But this is not a matter of revolution or rebellion. This is merely questioning the basic reasons for having a political system that is supposed to protect the interest of the people. This is a war we have been fighting inside ourselves that begs to come out in the open. So, if there's one question that the President owes the people an answer, this is it. Why are you still there in Malacañang?

If he cannot give us the answer that we want, then his administration might as well evaporate with its thousands of broken promises.

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