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Tomo 23 Special SONA Issue July 23, 2001  Internet Edition

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Tinig ng Plaridel, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, came to existence in 1978, when the late President Marcos' repressive machinery was at its deadliest and most desperate, forseeing its "end" in 1981. The times called for protests and actions against suppression, and a demand for freedom and liberty. Edited by J. Virgilio Bautista, the broadsheet was designed to serve as a venue for the ideas and sentiments of the Institute of Mass Communication [now CMC] students for the pursuit of his goals and aspirations.

Years reduced the publication to near-dormancy as less and less issues came out. On its ninth year, the Tinig staff headed by editor Curie Sevilla produced a 31-page magazine with articles expressing the ideas and perspectives of the IMC students on various issues after the redemption of a nation nearly plunged into hell of suppression and violence. That was 1987 when the nation was jubilant over over the newly restored democracy.

Two years later, the magazine was no more and there emerged a newsletter which became a venue for issues within the college and for issues directly affecting the College. That issue in 1989 was the last to be heard of Tinig ng Plaridel.

The year 1992 saw a creation of a new set of editors and staff and a plus factor, a Charter, which will enable the editorial board to act independently from the CMC Student Council. Not that the partnership has been stormy. In fact, both have survived the gruelling financial setbacks, the shortage of materials to be published and lack of writers, which accounted for the irregular release of Tinig.

Today, Tinig ng Plaridel, the publication whose history is replete with fiery editors and progressive pieces and reputedly gave the Philippine Collegian a run for its money, aims to continue its tradition of serving not just the CMC students but also the Filipino people through advocacy journalism.

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